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SAS for Slow and Steady?

and steady wins the green race seems to be the mantra adopted by the
Scandinavian airlines, SAS. One of the pioneer airlines in encouraging
customers to purchase carbon offsets,
SAS has come up with yet another way to help the environment. According to a recent
Reuters article,
the airlines has slowed down the speed of its passenger jets from 534 mph to 485 mph, as the latter is a much
more fuel efficient speed.

There are a host of airlines that give customers an
opportunity to purchase carbon offsets. Delta was the first American airline
to offer offset purchases to customers.
Continental Airlines
and more recently, Jet Blue
also enable customers to purchase carbon offsets. Other notable examples include
Virgin, Cathay Pacific and even the travel website Expedia.

By following a two pronged strategy: reduce carbon emissions as much as possible, carbon offset what you cant, SAS is not only reducing their carbon footprint and impact on global warming, they’re also reducing fuel

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