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Nissan Launches Carbon Offset Campaign in Japan

Nissan- the
Japanese automaker, today introduced a first-of-a-kind carbon offset program in
Japan that is linked to the sale of a vehicle. In this eco-friendly endeavor, Nissan has joined hands with Carbon
Offset Japan, an environmental non-profit organization adhering to the
principals of the Kyoto Protocol. Under the carbon offset program, for every
March Collet sold, Nissan will pledge one ton of carbon credits (equivalent to
carbon-dioxide emissions from 4,971 miles of driving) under Carbon Offset Japan.

With the number of cars on the road ever increasing and the concomitant rise in carbon emissions, such programs are a move in the right direction. The above-mentioned campaign, by
allowing customers to offset the carbon footprints of their vehicles will reduce
the adverse environmental impact of driving. With this initiative, Nissan has
taken yet another step in keeping with the Nissan Green Program 2010.

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