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Mauritius to Invest in Renewable Energy through CDM Credits

Mauritius is all set to join the United Nation’s Clean Development
Mechanism with the sale of carbon credits that will promote the use of
renewable energy. The
CDM permits the industrialized nations to exceed their carbon quota
through purchase of credits from clean projects in developing
countries, thereby reducing emissions and facilitating the use of eco-friendly
technology. A single CDM credit translates to one ton of CO2 reduction.

As of now, there are 4-5 projects in the works. One of the projects waiting for CDM approval, produces electricity using a renewable source i.e. bagasse – a sugarcane residue and is likely to create 200,000
tonnes of carbon credits a year. Currently in Mauritius, 19 per cent of the electricity is generated using sugarcane and its aim is to increase it to 33 per cent by 2015, which will displace 300,000 tons of coal per year and bring about a significant reduction in the carbon emissions. Mauritius is also considering other sources of energy production such as hydro power, wind farms, landfill gas and solar energy.

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