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Increasing Productivity per Unit of Carbon Released

In order to maintain a strong global economy while tackling
global warming
, it is essential to get a ten-fold boost in output per unit
of carbon released, mentioned a recent
report released today
. This report, to be presented at a top-level meeting
of lawmakers in Tokyo, has been
made by several economists who work for McKinsey
Global Institute
, an international think tank.

To be specific, the report says that GDP should increase
from the present $740/ton of GHG emissions to $7,300/ton by mid-century. Unless
we figure out some way to boost productivity to this level, it would be
necessary for individuals to make sacrifices in order to restrict themselves to
the target of 6 kg of GHG emissions per person daily.

Besides the sacrifices, this would also negatively affect
the lifestyles in developed economies and would resist economic development in
other nations. Germany, France, Italy
and Britain are
set to reduce carbon emissions regardless of what others do, whereas the United States, not ratifying the Kyoto Protocol, does not
wish to make any emissions-reduction

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