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Global Warming Could Lead to Terrorism: Intelligence Report

Global warming and terrorism are arguably two of the biggest threats
confronting the world today. While most would see the two as similar
with regard to their debilitating potential for engendering wide-scale
destruction, only a few would would go beyond that. However, global
warming and terrorism might be more closely related than you think.

According to an intelligence report, global warming may actually fuel
  Thomas Fingar – the deputy director of national intelligence
for analysis, pointed out to a congressional panel that climate change induced environmental
destruction causes poverty, social tensions and unstable governments and it
is a well established fact that these conditions in turn, contribute to
the growth of terrorism. This causal link led the intelligence report to suggest
that global warming "could increase the pool of potential (terrorist)
recruits" and thus act as a precipitating factor to terrorism.

The report was met with mixed reactions. While the Democrats
endorsed it, the Republicans were of the opinion that the undue focus on
climate change came at the cost of ignoring "real threats" such as
increasing energy prices and economic security.

But if the link between the two be a legitimate one, it gives us
yet another reason to take serious action to combat global warming.

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