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Future development and July 28 headlines

Hi everybody,

We have a couple announcements we’d like to share with you. But first, we wanted to extend a thank you to all of our readers and the community that have been supporting this effort. Your support means a great deal. Thank you.

Site Update
Our goal is to provide free ongoing daily news about the exciting carbon market and have found a warm response to our service thus far. Because of this success, we are going to update our site over the coming weeks. The major goal of this update will be to allow us to incorporate more features and services for readers as well as incorporate better sponsorship opportunities. In the near future we hope to begin generating revenue so that we can increase the number of articles that we publish each day.

Our site, RSS feed, and email newsletter may experience a hiccup or two during this transition. So please bear with us over the next couple weeks as we go through this process 🙂

July 28 headlines
We apologize for missing yesterday’s headlines. Our author who writes the headlines was challenged by city-wide power outages that have continued on through to today. We are doing the best we can to keep our service consistent during this time.

If you have any questions about these items or general thoughts we’d love to hear them.



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