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EU Seeks to Curb Airline Emissions

EU is leaving no stone unturned it seems, when it comes to cutting down the aviation industry’s carbon emissions. The European Commission has come up with a plan to reduce the current twenty seven airspaces to just nine. According to European Transport Minister Antonio Tajani, the current flight paths are "ridiculous" and that on an average aircrafts cover thirty miles over and above what is necessary. The move will rein in fuel costs, emissions and help maintain safety in the face of increasing air traffic.

The EU is also hoping to pull in the aviation industry under its cap-and-trade scheme. Earlier this month, Ambassador John Bruton sought United States’ cooperation in the matter as "Two-thirds of EU aviation emissions come from intercontinental
flights". The aviation industry is currently responsible for three per cent of the global greenhouse gas emissions and are likely to reach 1.5 billion tons a year by
2025. In addition, airline emissions have a much greater effect on the climate as compared to ground level emissions.

However, IATA is strongly opposed to EU’s aviation cap-and-trade scheme. Talks are in progress with the US Presidential Candidates to resolve the matter.

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