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Cincinnati Gives Go Ahead on Emission Reduction Plan

Cincinnati has announced a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 8% by 2012, a plan that is outlined in the Green Cincinnati Action Plan. Cincinnati is currently rated third in the nation for most greenhouse gas emissions, and is ready to reduce its carbon footprint. The plan includes 80 suggestions, for both the city and its citizens.

The city joins other cities in the nation in reducing greenhouse gas emissions under the Mayors Climate Protection Plan.
Over 700 mayors have signed the mayor’s plan, which has a target of reducing
emissions to a level similar to those outlined by the Kyoto Protocol.

To address resident’s emissions, the Climate Steering Protection Committee endorses small changes, such
as using compact fluorescent light bulbs instead of other types. Other
cities, like Chicago, have handed out compact fluorescent light bulbs
to residents for free, in hopes of reducing carbon emissions.

In regards to residents buying carbon offsets, the Green Cincinnati Action plan makes the argument that local environmental projects should benefit rather than national or international projects. Local environmental projects are to be run by the City of Cincinnati Carbon Offset Commission.

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