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Carbon Credit Ratings Scheme for Project-Based Carbon Offsets

Carbon Ratings Agency (CRA), a subsidiary of IDEAcarbon, has initiated an autonomous
carbon credit ratings scheme at the LSE. This step is likely to
regulate carbon as an article of trade and will result in a new group of
assets. Investors would be able to compare the assets rated under this scheme
with each other.

There will be several criteria on which the rating would be
based. An evaluation would be carried out to measure the probability of achieving emissions reductions in the given time. The socioeconomic
advantages associated with the project would be considered too. CRA has already
a sample of 25 CDM projects
so far.

As carbon trading flourishes and the market expands, it is
likely that more firms will seek project-based evaluations. These firms will
need transparent and unprejudiced assessment of risks, which is what the CRA intends
to do. It must be noted that Carbon Ratings Agency is not into carbon trading

IDEAcarbon reports that project-based
carbon offsets
would make up around

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