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California Air Resources Board Reveals New Plan to Reduce GHG Emissions

California air
regulators revealed today that a strict plan
is underway to cut GHG emissions
. This new plan is expected to boost the
national carbon-credit trading industry by changing the way business is done at
the moment. All industries and sectors would be affected by this plan, from
coal-fired power plants to methane-emitting landfills.

Like previous eco-friendly legislations by Californian
legislators, this one may also receive criticism and disapproval by the federal
government. In addition, some organizations fear that the price tag will be too
high for their industries.

Nevertheless, by and large, the advantages associated with
this plan would be more than the expenses involved, said the Air Resources Boards
chairperson Mary Nichols

According to the LA
, the plan has the potential to cut down medical and other costs by $2
billion by the year 2020; in the absence of this plan, pollution in California would result in 340 premature mortalities and over 9,000 cases of asthma.


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