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ACCC Publishes Guidelines to Tackle Fake Carbon Offsets

The Australian
Competition and Consumer Commission
(ACCC) has decided to tackle the
problem of fake carbon offsetting schemes, mentioning that the carbon offset
market is escalating as people get conscious about neutralizing their carbon
footprints. As for now, the ACCC has released a comprehensive guide to help
consumers and organizations learn about carbon offsets.

In the carbon offsetting industry, a large number of
businesses are making false claims and boost
their offsetting programs
, said ACCC chairman Graeme Samuel. "The difficulties in understanding and verifying carbon
claims give rise to concerns that consumers may be facing misleading and
deceptive conduct associated with this emerging market."

He further added that it is the duty of ACCC to educate
people about the rights that offset buyers have and the matters where consumers
are responsible. Kate Norris of Choice,
a consumer advocacy organization, appreciated the efforts but stressed that the
government needs to set some minimum
criteria for offsets

The guide released by the ACCC, named Carbon Claims
and the Trade Practices Act
, is available on its website.


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