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Walmart Canada to Open Energy Efficient Outlets

Not too long ago Wal-Mart was slammed left, right and center by environmentalists for urging the Federal Trade Commission to steer clear from setting carbon offset guidelines. The following bit of news, however, might somewhat salvage the store’s sinking green reputation.

Walmart Canada to Open Energy Efficient Outlets

Wal-Mart Canada is set to open energy efficient stores in 2009 that will cut down energy-usage by as much as 30 per cent. The retail giant will accomplish its target by cutting down on lighting and cooling costs, building smaller stores and through innovative steps such as harnessing waste refrigerator energy towards heating up the stores.

The new stores will not only help green up the environment but also make financial sense -they are expected to save Wal-Mart $24 million over a five year period.

David Cheesewright of Wal-Mart Canada claims that the retail giant is making a concerted global effort to meet the store’s long term goals of generating zero waste, switching completely to renewables and selling eco-friendly products.

Image Source: Reuters

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