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Sudbury to reduce carbon footprint with solar panels

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SUDBURY Sudbury expects to reduce its demand for energy and save $3,600 a year by installing solar panels at the Fairbank Community Center at 40 Fairbank Road.

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  • Published: Oct 10th, 2010
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On the GreenBeat: Carbon startup C3 looks to raise $50 million, White House goes solar

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Energy and carbon management startup C3 is looking to raise almost $50 million in funding. The company was founded by Thomas Siebel, who sold Siebel Systems to Oracle for $5.9 billion in 2005, and counts Condeleeza Rice among its directors. Its still in stealth mode, so details on the company and its products are scarce. Earth2tech notes it is entering crowded space there are already 20 companies, including Hara, in the energy and carbon management space.

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Sharp Unveils Carbon-Neutral TV at the IFA

At the recently concluded IFA consumer electronics trade fair in Berlin, Sharp unveiled its carbon-neutral big screen television, powered by a solar panel. While the invention will do little to help the idiot-box’s reputation, it will at least will make TV-viewing a more eco-friendly activity.
Sharp Unveils Carbon-Neutral TV at the IFA

Sharp is one of the leading manufacturers of solar panels and at the IFA it had put on display a polycrystalline-type panel that could generate 200kwh/year of electricity -enough to power one of Sharp’s latest 52″ models for 4.5 hours/day.

From PC World:

With the demonstration Sharp isn’t intending to suggest that a household buy a single panel to power their TV but an entire roof of panels to power the whole house, the (Sharp) spokesman said.

Sharp is making massive investments in the field of solar technology and its total production will reach 1 gigawatt of panels a year in the near future.

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