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  • Published: Jan 4th, 2010
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New report into the costs of carbon offsetting through the CDM

At Carbon Retirement, we have just published a short piece of research into the efficiency of carbon offsetting through the Clean Development Mechanism, covered by the BBC. It shows that for every

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US DOE Team to Monitor Carbon Sequestration Project Using Underground Apparatus

While Canadians debate carbon tax and Aussies fight over the emissions scheme, the US Dept of Energy is taking a shot at the controversial carbon sequestration plan. The Southeast Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership (SECARB), which is a part of the DOE, has set up sophisticated underground apparatus to monitor CO2 injected for an oil recovery program.

DOE to Monitor Carbon Sequestration Project

Apart from being a step towards large-scale sequestration projects, the current study will also assist in evaluating the type of apparatus required to ensure secure storage of carbon dioxide. Approximately 250K-500K metric tons of carbon dioxide will be pumped around 10,000 feet into the ground every year for this sequestration research.

Although CO2 injection isnt that new an approach for Enhanced Oil Recovery, what needs to be tested largely is the safety of the whole process, especially the safety of underground water resources from being contaminated by the injected gases.

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New Technology to Tell Carbon Footprint Using GPS Mobile and Enable Competition with Facebook Friends

Have you ever wondered which driving path you should take to minimize your environmental impact? Or do you know how much exposed you are to GHG emissions when you jog in the local park? A couple of eco-conscious researchers are now going to let you learn that by downloading software on your GPS mobile.

PEIR Carbon Footprint with GPS Mobile

UCLA Professor Deborah Estrin is working with her colleagues on this CENS project, which will give you some sense of your environmental responsibility through its Personal Environmental Impact Report (PEIR). These daily reports will tell you how much pollution you cause while you drive and what quantity of harmful gases you inhale during your healthy walks.

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Soils Have Limited Carbon Sequestration Capacity: North American, German Researchers

Two separate studies conducted by American, Canadian and German Researchers show that soils have a limited capacity when it comes to sequestering carbon. It has been known for quite some time that plants absorb CO2 from the surroundings as they grow and process that carbon into their tissues. Upon a plants death, the carbon gets amalgamated into the soil and remains stored there with soil particles.

Carbon Sequestration Soil Capacity

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