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  • Published: Jul 28th, 2009
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Wal-Mart Takes a Giant Step to Reduce Global Carbon Footprint: What Does the Wal-Mart Sustainability Index Announcement Mean to Customers?

Wal-Mart puts forth an initiative to build a global, open database: It may be the most important effort to limit carbon exposure

-by Andy Leventhal, CEO and Founder of Planet Metrics, maker of software that helps companies visually understand their carbon emissions across the supply chain.

Read our interview with Andy Leventhal on Planet Metrics Rapid Carbon Modeling and checkout our interview with the co-founder of method, a customer using Planet Metrics today

Wal-Mart really gets it. It is almost as if they have been listening to us. Their Sustainability Index webcast had three phrases that were repeated by each senior executive taking the stage. Producers of goods and services, large retailers, automakers, and just about every manufacturing company should take their words to heart:

– Reduce cost
– Improve quality
– Understand and manage the Product Life Cycle

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Interview: method co-founder and chief greenskeeper on Planet Metrics Rapid Carbon Modeling

method is one of the first customers to use Planet Metrics Tags: , , , ,

Interview: CEO of Planet Metrics on unveiling of new Rapid Carbon Modeling technology

(Heatmap screen of new RCM software)

Planet Metrics new Rapid Carbon Modeling (RCM) technology SaaS Solution sounds like a valuable resource for a wide spectrum of companies and industries. We took some time to connect with Andy Leventhal, founder and CEO of Planet Metrics, to learn a bit more about this exciting news.

COD: Rapid Carbon Modeling (RCM) seems like it is being introduced to the market at a perfect time. Can you give us an idea of who you expect to use this tool and what the value proposition is for your customers?

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Planet Metrics Launches Rapid Carbon Modeling (RCM

—Innovative Enterprise Solution Gives Supply Chain, Product Management and Sustainability Executives Carbon Business Decision Support
—Method – Leading Eco-Friendly Home Care Company

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