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Study Suggests New Business Model for Carbon Offset Providers

Omega– a research organization that aims to make the aviation industry more sustainable, in partnership with the Manchester Metropolitan University has come up with a study that tries to determine the airline customers’ awareness about carbon offsets and their willingness to pay.

Study Suggests New Business Model for Carbon Offset Providers

The research was conducted by Dr. Paul Hooper and covered 487 business/leisure fliers at the Manchester Airport. Of those polled, more than 75% were aware of the fact that air travel causes global warming but fewer than 10% had chosen to offset their travel emissions. The low rate of offset purchase was attributed to the lack of knowledge – over 50% of the passengers didn’t know about carbon offsets or how they could be purchased. Also, about a quarter was skeptical about the effectiveness of carbon offsets or the cost factor.

But overall the results suggested an inclination to pay for emission reduction schemes – 17% said that they would pay for offsets in full, while 30%

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