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  • Published: Jul 23rd, 2009
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Testing the road to a CO2-free future

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MOTORSFEATURE MAZDAS HYDROGEN POLICY: AS A motorist, who could blame you for getting a little confused by all the new technologies being presented to you? One week here at Motors , were all about the diesel car; the next, all the talk centres around the petrol hybrid

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Nations Gamble on Carbon Capture

Around the world governments are betting billions of dollars on research to develop technology to capture carbon emitted from coal plants. It’s probably even money right now whether carbon capture becomes the next thin film solar (a long-pursued technology that is now bearing out) or the next hydrogen car (a technology full of promise that is always just around the corner — if the corner is a generation away).

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Sea creatures inspire CO2 sponge

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The porous structure of sea cucumbers could be the perfect model to create a sponge that absorbs CO2 and boosts hydrogen fuel production, says an Australian researcher.

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