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Families to be slugged A$360 a year for carbon emissions

FAMILIES will be slugged $360 extra a year in bills and food prices are expected to jump once the Federal Government introduces an emissions trading scheme.
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  • Published: Oct 29th, 2008
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UK industries to be forced to cut CO2 emissions

British industries will be forced to make larger cuts in their carbon emissions due to the inclusion of aviation in new laws to stop climate change, it has been claimed. The Climate Change Bill will commit the UK to cutting greenhouse gases by 80 per cent by 2050.
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Scotland to Measure Carbon Cost for All Government Projects

Though most governments struggle to implement carbon-cutting measures in specific sectors, things seem to be quite different in Scotland, or at least we can hope so for the future. The Scottish government has decided to take into account GHG emissions for all public-sector spending while no other country does that at the moment.

Public Sector Environmental Costs

Starting from 2010, the carbon cost of each government projects will be estimated and will be published as part of the government budget. The move has been designed to let bureaucrats and policymakers consider the environmental costs against the economic benefits. Environmental experts have been assigned the task to prepare a comprehensive framework that will facilitate estimation of the environmental costs for all official projects.

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