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How has Google Managed to be a Carbon Neutral Company since 2007?

“…the carbon footprint of your life on Google is zero,” said Urs Hoelzle, Senior Vice President of Google’s Technical Infrastructure Department. Despite the fact that Google’s data centers around the world, which run the services for Gmail, 

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  • Published: Jul 28th, 2010
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Google reduces its carbon footprint with the direct purchase of renewable energy

| Sourced From Balkans |

This week Google announced that they decided in 2007 to voluntarily become carbon neutral, our intent was to take responsibility for our carbon emissions and promote sustainable environmental solutions. The announced that they approached this goal in three ways. “First, Google minimize our energy consumption; in fact, Googleve built some of the worlds most energy efficient data centers. Second, Google seek to power our facilities with renewable energy, like Google did in Mountain View, CA with one of the largest corporate solar installations. Finally, Google purchase carbon offsets for the emissions Google cannot directly eliminate.”

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Google Earth maps carbon dioxide emissions

| Sourced From Los Angeles Times |

Scientists have developed an interactive map on Google Earth that shows fossil-fuel carbon dioxide emissions across the United States.

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