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  • Published: Oct 23rd, 2008
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MPs push for carbon commitments from air and sea industries

The government is facing the threat of revolt from backbenchers over the possibility that it will exempt the shipping and aviation industry from greenhouse gas targets.
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Offsetting CO2 Emissions Partially Ineffective: Friends of the Earth

Environmentalists from Friends of the Earth (FOE) claim that offsetting carbon emissions is not very a useful strategy if one considers the bigger picture of tackling climate change.

Friends of the Earth Says Carbon Offsetting Ineffective

Although the charity did accept the role of offsetting in the shift towards a low-carbon economy, it was still skeptical about its overall effectiveness in emissions reductions. An FOE representative further added that offsetting may even encourage people to carry on with their emission-generating activities, as they may deem it sufficient to offset emissions rather than cut them.

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Human Rights Activists, Environmentalists Condemn Talks to Include Forests in Carbon Trading

Human rights organizations are struggling against developing nations to stop the new carbon trading proposal that encompasses tropical forests in it. Delegates of 100+ countries are set to gather in Ghana to discuss if forests should be a part of the growing international carbon market. If this gets approved, the developing world would be able to acquire carbon credits from not cutting trees. Demolition of these trees results in a 20% increase in the overall CO2 levels per year. The move is expected to boost prices of forest land which is of concern to activists.

Tropical Forests in Carbon Trading

Human rights groups say if forests become part of carbon trading, this would result in a land grab and would negatively affect millions of inhabitants. Friends of the Earth and the Rainforest Foundation also condemn this step claiming that this would weaken carbon price and only the rich will get to benefit from this.

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UK: Environmental Groups Condemn Banks for Supporting High Carbon Coal Projects

A report released by a group of environmentalists – Friends of the Earth Scotland, Platform and People and Planet has tarnished the green reputation of the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Barclays and HSBC by bringing to light the fact that these financial institutions continue to undertake heavy investments in high carbon projects, including coal plants.

The report brings to the fore the inconsistency that plagues the actions of the banks, who on the one hand invest in renewable energy in a bid to better the environment but on the other , shell out huge loans to coal-related firms.

RBS argued that investing in coal projects gave the bank the opportunity to ensure that such projects adopt eco-friendly practices. However, Friends of the Earth were not satisfied :

“Arguing that you are pushing for firms to embrace carbon capture is not enough

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UK: Airlines and Air Travelers Paying More Taxes Than Required to Offset Environmental Costs

The Emissions Cost Assessment released by the British government revealed that airline travelers are currently paying more carbon taxes than would normally be required to offset the extent of damage they are causing to the climate.

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