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  • Published: Jul 9th, 2009
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Forest, Carbon, Climate Myths

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  • Published: May 4th, 2009
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More city forests soon to score carbon credits

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New Delhi To fight climate change, the state government is turning to the woods.

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Human Rights Activists, Environmentalists Condemn Talks to Include Forests in Carbon Trading

Human rights organizations are struggling against developing nations to stop the new carbon trading proposal that encompasses tropical forests in it. Delegates of 100+ countries are set to gather in Ghana to discuss if forests should be a part of the growing international carbon market. If this gets approved, the developing world would be able to acquire carbon credits from not cutting trees. Demolition of these trees results in a 20% increase in the overall CO2 levels per year. The move is expected to boost prices of forest land which is of concern to activists.

Tropical Forests in Carbon Trading

Human rights groups say if forests become part of carbon trading, this would result in a land grab and would negatively affect millions of inhabitants. Friends of the Earth and the Rainforest Foundation also condemn this step claiming that this would weaken carbon price and only the rich will get to benefit from this.

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Climate Action Registry Says Urban Forest Projects will Earn Offset Credits

California Climate Action Registry has sanctioned Americas first GHG reporting protocol (PDF) on August 12. The set of rules, named Urban Forest Project Reporting Protocol (PDF), will enable entities to earn offset credits on forestry projects in urban areas.

Urban Forests Get Offset Credits

“Trees planted in cities have a valuable role in the fight against climate change,” stated Greg McPherson of the Center for Urban Forest Research. “Urban trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and conserve energy when strategically planted to shade buildings, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions at power plants.”

It took 18 months and consultation with over 85 relevant professionals to draft this protocol, which includes eligibility guidelines, techniques for estimating emissions reductions, supervision obligations and reporting standards. Near-future plans dictate creation of the Tree Carbon Calculator that will be utilized for calculations.

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