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Brazil the Low-carbon Economy of the Future

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study by the British economist Nicholas Stern, who advises the UK government on climate change, has highlighted how Brazil can be a perfect example for the future, making the transition from being the fifth greatest polluter to becoming a leader for countries wishing to create low-carbon economies.

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Eight municipalities in ParĂ¡ launch projects to combat deforestation and promote environmental adjustment of rural

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Forest transitions, trade, and the global displacement of land use

Reducing tropical deforestation is an international priority, given its impacts on carbon emissions and biodiversity. We examined whether recent forest transitionsa shift from net deforestation to net reforestationinvolved a geographic displacement of forest clearing across countries through trade in agricultural and forest products.

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  • Published: Feb 6th, 2010
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Carbon emissions reduction and expanding forest coverage

The Indonesian government is committed to reducing carbon emissions due to deforestation and forest degradation. President SBY said in Copenhagen that by 2020, Indonesia would reduce carbon emissions by 26 percent on its own, or 41 percent with the financial help from international donors.

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  • Published: Jan 2nd, 2010
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Rainforests and Co2

Global warming is on the tip of every tongue in many countries today. It is synonymous with Co2 emissions, and how our planet is gradually heating up. Many scientists are focusing on the problem and possible solutions that may lead to a decrease, or eventual halt in human created global warming. These solutions have come in the forms of renewable energies, as well as more environmentally products and structures.

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Seeing the Forest for the Carbon

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“We have only God to protect us here,” said a Brazilian farmer recently in the Washington Post, referring to the constant threat of being kicked off farmland he had cleared in the Bom Futuro protected area in the Amazon basin.

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FACTBOX: U.N. scheme aims to use carbon credits to save forests

(Reuters) – The United Nations hopes to include a market-based scheme aimed at using carbon credits to save rainforests as part of a broader pact to fight climate change.

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Lowering carbon emissions raises biodiversity

| Sourced From The Sunday Times |
REDUCING emissions from deforestation combats climate change and help the conservation of biodiversity, from amphibians and birds to primates.

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Environmental Groups Against Including Forests in Carbon Markets

Delegations from the world over will meet on 21-27th August in Accra, Ghana for the next round of UN climate talks, with a view to chalk out ways and means to combat global warming. The talks will lay emphasis on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation in Developing Countries or REDD.

Environmental Groups Against Including Forests in Carbon Markets

This might seem like a step in the right direction, but green groups, by voicing their opposition against REDD have highlighted the hazards of including forests in the carbon market. Campaigners have warned that unless indigenous groups are part of the climate negotiations, efforts to slow down deforestation could lead to a “land grab”.

Nikki Reisch of Rainforest Foundation UK asserts that “indigenous people that have lived in and depended on the forests are best placed to protect them”. Friends of the Earth International criticized the UN for concentrating on financial concerns when “land rights must be centre stage”.

Though cognizant of the fact that deforestation is responsible for almost 20% of the global emissions, campaigners believe that preserving forests through carbon trading will take away focus from the real culprit -our ever growing “needs” and also give the developed nations an excuse to continue emitting nasty amounts of greenhouse gases.

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