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  • Published: Aug 6th, 2010
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Coal consumption: carbon dioxide and Earth’s energy imbalance

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There is a huge coal-burning plant in Lamar County, Ga., that produces a lot of electricity.

In order to do so it burns a lot of coal. Each and every day three coal trains arrive and each one is two miles long. This is described in Bill McKibben’s new book “Eaarth” published in April 2010 (p187).

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  • Published: Mar 17th, 2010
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Opinion: Let’s Not Forget: Even Without CO2, Coal Would Still Be Very Dirty

CO2 is Important, But Not the Only Thing

David Roberts over at Grist has a great rebuttal of Thom Friedman’s latest column in which he and investor Vinod Khosla seem to overlook many of the problems caused by coal mining and coal burning. It’s a good thing that concerns about greenhouse gas emissions are now on everybody’s mind, but we have to be careful to not getting tunnel vision.

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PRESS RELEASE: UN approves the first CDM methodology for biomass co-firing in utility- scale fossil fuel power stations

Dublin, 11th February 2010: EcoSecurities, a leading company in the business of sourcing and developing emission reductions from greenhouse gas abatement projects, has recently achieved successful approval of its eleventh methodology from the Clean Development Mechanism Executive Board (CDM EB). Through a renewable energy technology known as co-firing, the methodology permits the substitution of coal with solid biomass fuels in grid-connected power plants, reducing CO2 emissions and helping companies to meet their renewable energy targets.

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Report Claims U.S. Can Curb CO2 without Nuclear or Coal

| Sourced From Environmental Protection |

A report commissioned from the German Aerospace Center (the German equivalent of NASA) shows how the United States can meet the energy needs of a growing economy and achieve science-based cuts in global warming pollution

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INTERVIEW: Kevin Smith of PLATFORM – Unraveling the Carbon Web

Fossil fuels are the primary cause of climate change, which threatens catastrophic damages including massive sea-level rise, rising incidences of flood, drought and other extreme events, major water and food supply reductions, and the spread of disease.

INTERVIEW: Kevin Smith of PLATFORM - Unraveling the Carbon Web

PLATFORMs Unraveling the Carbon Web focus is to reduce the environmental and social impacts of oil and to support the transition to a more sustainable energy economy. We recently posted on a new report, Cashing in on Coal, that Unraveling the Carbon Web released and caught up with Kevin Smith of Platform to learn more.

What does Cashing in on Coal highlight?

The report highlights the role that private finance plays in pushing Read the rest of this entry »

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