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Major nations should set clear 2050 CO2 cuts: U.N.

OSLO (Reuters) – Major nations should set clear and ambitious goals for 2050 cuts in greenhouse gas emissions this week as a step toward a new U.N. climate pact, the U.N.’s top climate change official said on Monday.

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Small islands urge deep CO2 cuts, fear rising seas

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BONN, Germany (Reuters) – Small island states have sharpened their calls for the rich to make deep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, saying low-lying atolls risk being washed off the map by rising ocean levels.

An alliance of 43 island states, backed by more than a dozen nations in Africa and Latin America, urged developed countries at U.N. climate talks in Bonn on Thursday to cut greenhouse emissions by “at least 45 percent below 1990 levels by 2020.”

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Rich urged to make deeper CO2 cuts

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BONN, Germany (Reuters) – China, India and other developing nations joined forces on Wednesday to urge rich countries to make far deeper cuts in greenhouse gas emissions than planned by 2020 to slow global warming.

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CO2 Cuts in U.S. Steel Industry Surpass Kyoto Protocol

| Sourced From Environmental Leader |

The U.S. Steel industry has reduced its energy intensity per ton of steel shipped by about 33 percent since 1990 – an improvement on the 29-percent reduction reported in 2006, according to the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI).

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Texas Coal Plant Strikes Agreement with Environmental Groups to Offset Emissions

It seems that opposition against coal power plants is gaining momentum. We reported earlier that the UK government is under pressure to take strict action against coal-fired plants and now it looks like US coal plants are having a tough time as well.

NRG Texas LLC, a subsidiary of NRG Energy had come under fire for wanting to add a third plant to its Limestone Station near Houston. Initially, the Texas Clean Air Cities Coalition and the Environmental Defense Fund were planning to thwart its expansion plans. But now NRG has reached an agreement with the two groups wherein the power generator will go ahead with the third unit and has pledged to partially offset its carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions.

Among other measures, NRG will offset or sequester fifty per cent of the additional unit’s carbon emissions; invest in solar energy project or energy-efficiency projects in Texas and reduce water usage at the new unit by sixty per cent.

Jim Marston of Environmental Defense Fund applauded NRG’s efforts, he said :

“Offsets, such as the projects that NRG has committed to invest in, are a low-cost way to get the large reductions in greenhouse gases that are necessary to prevent catastrophic impacts of global warming..”

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