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Defiant EA firms face risk of ban on global trade over carbon emissions

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East African businesses will need to adopt mechanisms that mitigate carbon emissions or face the risk of being shut out from trading on the global scene.

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Superannuation and fund manager CEOs push for carbon price certainty

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NINE chief executives from Australia’s top superannuation funds and fund managers have formed a panel to push for greater certainty on carbon pricing.

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Australia companies face scrutiny on carbon disclosure

* Big firms in Australia to be targeted in carbon campaign

* AGMs to be focus of drive to boost CO2 risk disclosure

SYDNEY, Sept 22 (Reuters) – Miners and other top Australian firms face greater scrutiny from investors on greenhouse gas emissions, with companies that do not fully disclose their carbon risks to be increasingly targeted at shareholder meetings, an investor group said on Wednesday.

The Investor Group on Climate Change said it wanted all of Australia’s top 200 listed companies to reveal data under the global Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) to allow investors to adequately assess carbon risks.

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Reveal carbon risks, oil firms told

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Oil giants involved in the exploitation of tar sand fields face calls this week to disclose future carbon liabilities. Co-operative Financial Services (CFS) and environmental charity WWF-UK are launching a campaign for a legal requirement for companies including Shell and BP to include this information in financial reporting.

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