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19 carbon registries now reopened

Finland, Romania, Solvenia and Sweden’s carbon emissions registries reopened this morning bringing the number of EU ETS registries back to normal operations to 19.

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Hackers target European carbon registries

An Eastern European cybergang has perfected an emerging form of digital theft to steal millions of dollars from Europe’s carbon registries.

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European Union faces legal action over fraudulent carbon emissions trading

The European Union faces legal and political challenges over its handling of the carbon markets which remain in chaos after a cyber attack forced partial closure of the Emissions Trading Scheme.

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Energy traders call for reopening of EU carbon market

Energy traders call for reopening of EU carbon market

In a statement, the organisation, which represents more than 90 energy trading companies in 23 European nations, said it welcomed the temporary closure “in order to prevent any further liabilities for market participants”.

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Great carbon theft may have netted

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