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The ONset of Glenn Beck’s Anti-Global Warming Agenda

Glenn Beck – the radio and TV host is an unabashed skeptic of global warming. No wonder then, he doesn’t mind being full of hot air. And that has been reinforced, thanks to his latest stunt: the Carbon ONset Program for “Offsetting the Offsets”.

The ONset of Glenn Beck's Anti-Global Warming Agenda

In what appears to be an attempt to poke fun at those who believe in global warming and its potential for catastrophe, Beck has launched the program with a view to nullify the efforts of the Democrats to make the Democratic National Convention a green event.

From his website:

What can you to help? Take part in our carbon ONset program. We are asking you to make just a few small sacrifices to completely wipe out any potential energy savings the Democrats claim credit for…

Sign up for our carbon ONset program. Use more energy for mother nature. Do it for the earth (or more accurately, the people living on it.)

Any takers?

Image Source: Think Progress

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