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Carbon News Oct 9

We had some problem yesterday and unfortunately, the links were broken when I initially posted the news. Luckily, we found this and fixed it though it was around 8 hours after the initial post. Anyway, sorry for the inconvenience.

Top Stories

France says burying CO2, EU gas shipments urgent, UK
The European Union must urgently find funding for a new technology to trap and bury carbon dioxide underground and should …

Iceland Finds New Ways to Trap Carbon
Inter Press Service, Italy
At the Hellisheidi geothermal power station, located about 30 km east of Reykjavik, Icelanders are developing novel …

Turning CO2 into fuel
You might have thought that recycling was limited to paper, plastics and glass. Well, think again. …

US government: $28 carbon price would raise gas prices by 25 cents
A national carbon price under a cap-and-trade system would have a limited impact on gasoline prices, reports a new study by the Congressional Budget Office …

Carbon plays second-fiddle to financial markets
Carbon News (Subscription), New Zealand
Carbon played second-fiddle overnight to major events happening in financial markets, broker OMFinancial reports. A concerted interest-rate cut by the major …

Oakland University to host carbon neutral conference next month
Metromode Media, MI
The Fifth US Conference on Peak Oil and Community Solutions, which will take places between Oct. 31 and Nov. 2 at Oakland University, is going to be carbon …

Australia: Fears carbon scheme may force industries offshore
ABC Online, Australia
The operators of the Port Pirie smelter in South Australia say emission-intensive industries may consider moving to China under the current form of the …

EU carbon prices sag in global turmoil
Carbon Positive
Like most markets around the world, the EU carbon market is suffering from the global financial crisis although it hasnt sustained the sharp falls seen on share markets and

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Carbon News Roundup Oct 7

Carbon News Sept 29

So we seem to have some colorful changes now. We are still working on some other stuff, especially thinking about removing the jobs section (for now at least; doesn’t fit there unless we can update it). Then, we are also thinking of having CER/EUA prices and some other useful stuff. Basically, we just realize that if our audience needs one thing badly, that’s TIME. So we are thinking on those lines. How can we deliver more by taking less of your time. While we covered around 4 posts daily last month, we were missing a lot of other news in between. And now we are covering a lot more, though we aren’t adding any original stuff. But these snippets save a lot of time. Anyway, let’s see what this site turns into in the next few months. Let’s move on to the news now:

Top Stories

Mobile phones to track carbon footprint

A London-based start-up company has developed software for mobile phones that uses global positioning satellites to work out automatically whether you are walking, driving or flying and then calculate your impact on the environment

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Carbon News Roundup Sept 20

Here I am with the latest news again. It seems that the Aussies are really playing all their cards to get cleaner coal through carbon capture and storage. Their recent A$100 million plan is topping all carbon news so that’s what I am going to begin with:

Top Stories

Australia to set up carbon capture institute
Australia will set up a A$100 million ($80 mln) carbon capture research institute aimed at fighting climate shift and with ambitions of …

Economic slowdown won’t ease carbon emissions
Tumbling factory output following an economic slowdown will not be enough to curb rising industrial carbon …

Carbon trading boss rejects fears of slowdown in pollution permits …
There has been a 150% increase in the volumes of carbon trading on the European Climate Exchange in the first six months of the year and its boss predicted …

Saskatchewan premier warns against carbon tax
Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall said on Friday that his province, which has been riding a …


Carbon Credits open window of opportunities – Neha Pahuja,

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Carbon News Roundup Sept 8

Release of Draft Guidelines on NZ Investment in JI/CDM Projects (press release), New Zealand
The release of new draft guidelines around New Zealand investment in projects under the Kyoto Project has been welcomed by an energy sector expert. …

WAPDA initiates CDM studies for projects
Pakistan Observer, Pakistan
Chairman WAPDA, Shakil Durrani has said that WAPDA is undertaking Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) studies of its various hydropower projects …

Lower Mainland joins carbon-tax protest
Globe and Mail, Canada
The carbon-tax revolt among municipalities has spread to the Lower Mainland with Delta and Maple Ridge registering their opposition to aspects …

Harper warns BC of double carbon taxation
Vancouver Sun,

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Carbon Market News August 28

Carbon Market News August 22

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