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Alberta, Shell team up on carbon capture

The province has joined forces with energy giant Shell in exploring the possibility of storing carbon dioxide deep underground in Alberta’s unique sub-surface formations.

“Carbon sequestration is a globally recognized way to help with the carbon emissions,” advanced education and technology minister Doug Horner said of the technology also known as carbon capture.

A $20-million project – $6.6 million of which will be provided by the Alberta Energy Research Institute – is about to get underway near Shell Canada’s Scotford facility.

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Carbon credits: Plan promoters earn Rs 55 lakh

PUNE: State minister for forests Babanrao Pachpute distributed Rs 55 lakh as carbon credit (CC) funds to 24 Indian project promoters for commercializing their carbon credits for a period from January to December 2007.

Pachpute presented the funds at a city hotel on Saturday during the Carbon Credit Fund Distribution Ceremony organized by MITCON Consultancy Services Limited, a firm dealing with energy auditing in industrial sectors.

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Carbon News Oct 17

Top Stories

Russia doubts CO2 market can fix climate change
Moscow doubts carbon trading can solve climate change because recent swings in stock and commodities prices show markets are unable to fix global …

European Nations Seek to Revise Agreement on Emissions Cuts
NY Times
Fears of a sharp worldwide economic slowdown are threatening a hard-won European plan on climate change that European leaders hoped would set an example for the rest of the world.

15 EU countries on track to meet Kyoto targets
Washington Post
The European Union’s 15 original member nations are on target to meet Kyoto treaty commitments to cut greenhouse gas emissions, the bloc’s environment agency said Thursday.

First field tests of carbon capture and storage to begin
Alberta Government,


Carbon News Oct 16

Top Stories

Voluntary carbon offsetting not yet crisis victim
Battling climate change is so important to the image of many companies, and so cheap, that carbon offsetting is unlikely …

Obama to Declare Carbon Dioxide Dangerous Pollutant (Update1)
Barack Obama will classify carbon dioxide as a dangerous pollutant that can be regulated should he win the …

Analysts see carbon price drop
Carbon Positive News
Carbon market analysts see falls in prices over the medium term from the financial crisis and economic downturn…

Energy Insights Releases Industry Short List for Carbon Management Applications
Energy Insights announced today that it has published an Industry Short List to help utility and oil and …

EU car nations close to agreeing slower CO2 curbs
Italy is close to backing a French plan to phase in European Union curbs on greenhouse gas …

EU must restrict forestry carbon offsets -EU paper


Kyoto Protocol emissions trading system goes global: UNFCCC Press Release

(Bonn, 14 October 2008)

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Carbon News Oct 14

Top Stories

All Ten States of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Issue Notice for Second Precompliance Auction (PDF)
Today, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) initiated the bidding process for its second auction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emission allowances, to be held on December 17, 2008. The second RGGI auction for CO2 allowances expects to offer allowances from all ten states participating in RGGI. Those states


Carbon News Roundup Oct 13

Carbon News Oct 11

I am trying to be more consistent with the posts but I guess I won’t be able to take out enough time to post on Sundays. Anyway, if I miss on Sundays, I will cover those missed news on Monday. Also, I could not find any UK specific news today so I haven’t added the UK heading.

Top Stories

European carbon prices to quadruple by 2020-SocGen
European carbon emission prices could rise fourfold to 80 euros a tonne by 2020, French bank Societe Generale said in a research note


Carbon News Oct 9

We had some problem yesterday and unfortunately, the links were broken when I initially posted the news. Luckily, we found this and fixed it though it was around 8 hours after the initial post. Anyway, sorry for the inconvenience.

Top Stories

France says burying CO2, EU gas shipments urgent, UK
The European Union must urgently find funding for a new technology to trap and bury carbon dioxide underground and should …

Iceland Finds New Ways to Trap Carbon
Inter Press Service, Italy
At the Hellisheidi geothermal power station, located about 30 km east of Reykjavik, Icelanders are developing novel …

Turning CO2 into fuel
You might have thought that recycling was limited to paper, plastics and glass. Well, think again. …

US government: $28 carbon price would raise gas prices by 25 cents
A national carbon price under a cap-and-trade system would have a limited impact on gasoline prices, reports a new study by the Congressional Budget Office …

Carbon plays second-fiddle to financial markets
Carbon News (Subscription), New Zealand
Carbon played second-fiddle overnight to major events happening in financial markets, broker OMFinancial reports. A concerted interest-rate cut by the major …

Oakland University to host carbon neutral conference next month
Metromode Media, MI
The Fifth US Conference on Peak Oil and Community Solutions, which will take places between Oct. 31 and Nov. 2 at Oakland University, is going to be carbon …

Australia: Fears carbon scheme may force industries offshore
ABC Online, Australia
The operators of the Port Pirie smelter in South Australia say emission-intensive industries may consider moving to China under the current form of the …

EU carbon prices sag in global turmoil
Carbon Positive
Like most markets around the world, the EU carbon market is suffering from the global financial crisis although it hasnt sustained the sharp falls seen on share markets and

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Carbon News Roundup Oct 7

Carbon News Roundup Oct 4 – Oct 6

Top Stories


Carbon News Sept 30 – Oct 3

Carbon News Sept 29

So we seem to have some colorful changes now. We are still working on some other stuff, especially thinking about removing the jobs section (for now at least; doesn’t fit there unless we can update it). Then, we are also thinking of having CER/EUA prices and some other useful stuff. Basically, we just realize that if our audience needs one thing badly, that’s TIME. So we are thinking on those lines. How can we deliver more by taking less of your time. While we covered around 4 posts daily last month, we were missing a lot of other news in between. And now we are covering a lot more, though we aren’t adding any original stuff. But these snippets save a lot of time. Anyway, let’s see what this site turns into in the next few months. Let’s move on to the news now:

Top Stories

Mobile phones to track carbon footprint

A London-based start-up company has developed software for mobile phones that uses global positioning satellites to work out automatically whether you are walking, driving or flying and then calculate your impact on the environment

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Carbon News Sept 26

Top Stories


Carbon News Roundup Sept 22

Top Stories – Global

Cap And Trade: Americas First Carbon Emissions Auction is Set for Thursday
A coalition of 10 northeastern states, including Maryland and Delaware, will take steps this week to check global warming. …

Burying CO2 could pay for itself by 2030: report

Trapping and burying carbon dioxide from power plants could become viable without public funding by 2030, helping nations reduce their dependence on energy imports

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Carbon News Roundup Sept 18

OK. I am beginning today with some top stories which you won’t want to miss even if you are in a hurry. These will be followed with the usual stories for each region. I have tried to include news from the last 2 days so that you don’t miss anything. So let’s begin:

Top Stories

Japan CO2 trial to woo emitters with voluntary curbs
Reuters UK
Japan’s planned CO2 trading scheme should be based on voluntary targets for emission cuts instead of mandatory ones to …

New York scheduled to join December carbon auction
New York state is expected to sell carbon credits in the United States’ second greenhouse gas auction, which is scheduled for …

USA: ULCOS,Not ArcelorMittal Considering EUR300M CO2 Proj
Trading Markets (press release),

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Carbon News Roundup Sep 12


Australia: Govt seeks ideas on reducing carbon emissions
ABC Online
The Tasmanian Government is seeking tenders for companies to identify areas where carbon emissions can be reduced. It is part of the state government’s plan …

New Zealand: Wellington Zoo aims to minimise carbon footprint
3 News NZ
Wellington Zoo prides itself on being an education facility with a passion for the environment and a desire to become fully sustainable. …

New Zealand: Collaboration at carbon footprinting workshop (press release)
More than 100 participants from government, industry and research institutes from around New Zealand attended a first of its kind workshop in Wellington …


India could cut 5 million tons of carbon
United Press International
India could prevent more than 5 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions through new projects. By implementing carbon trading …

Thailand: CDM consultancy aims for growth
Bangkok Post
Despite its profitability and high potential, consultancy for Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and carbon-credit trading projects in Thailand is a field …

Taiwan: Ma pledges to cut nation’s carbon dioxide emissions
Taipei Times
President Ma Ying-jeou said yesterday that his administration would keep working to reduce the nation’s carbon dioxide emissions to help protect …

China: Wooden houses are built to reduce CO2 in Växjö
People’s Daily Online,

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Carbon News Roundup Sept 10

Canada: Carbonzero launches online carbon offsetting tool for federal election candidates
Canada NewsWire (press release)
Carbonzero released an online tool today giving Canadian federal election 2008 candidates from all parties, the ability to make …

Canada: Crunching BC’s carbon tax
BCLocalNews, Canada
BC Local News The province has been at pains to convince motorists its new carbon tax will be largely offset by income tax cuts. …

KBR Awarded $232 Mln. ADA-ES Activated Carbon Plant Construction
RTT News, NY
Wednesday, engineering services company KBR Inc. (KBR: News ) said a division of its Services Business Unit, BE&K, has been awarded a $232 …

US: Volunteers Earn Carbon Credits While Supporting Green Initiatives
Blanco County News,

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Carbon News Roundup Sept 8

Release of Draft Guidelines on NZ Investment in JI/CDM Projects (press release), New Zealand
The release of new draft guidelines around New Zealand investment in projects under the Kyoto Project has been welcomed by an energy sector expert. …

WAPDA initiates CDM studies for projects
Pakistan Observer, Pakistan
Chairman WAPDA, Shakil Durrani has said that WAPDA is undertaking Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) studies of its various hydropower projects …

Lower Mainland joins carbon-tax protest
Globe and Mail, Canada
The carbon-tax revolt among municipalities has spread to the Lower Mainland with Delta and Maple Ridge registering their opposition to aspects …

Harper warns BC of double carbon taxation
Vancouver Sun,

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