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Ziggurat: Carbon Neutral, Pyramid-Like City of the Future

Though the ancient pyramids will continue to remain unparalleled in the intrigue that they inspire, the pyramid of Dubai just might come in as a close second. Timelinks – an environmental design firm in Dubai is all set to unveil plans for a pyramid-shaped, futuristic and sustainable city at the Cityscape Dubai this October.

Carbon Neutral Pyramid-Like City to be Unveiled

Dubbed Ziggurat, the city will span 2.3 sq kms, accommodate a million people and here’s the best part: it’s going to be completely carbon neutral. Timelinks’ director, Ridas Matonis claims:

“Ziggurat communities can be almost totally self-sufficient energy-wise. Apart from using steam power in the building we will also employ wind turbine technology to harness natural energy resources.”

What’s more, the city’s transportation in the form of an integrated horizontal-vertical 360 degree network will make car-free travel possible.

The International Institute for the Urban Environment construes the structure as technically sound, but concerns are being expressed over the efficiency of the food supply and waste system. Moreover, as World Architecture News points out : “Are people willing to live in a mega building of 2.3 sq km?”

Any thoughts?

Image Source: World Architecture News

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