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A Real-World Example of Carbon Pricing Benefits Outweighing Costs

The key obstacle to putting a price on carbon emissions in the USA is the fairly widespread myth that it will result in ballooning energy bills and cripple the economy. These myths perservere despite the fact that economic studies consistently find that the costs of carbon pricing proposals are very minimal, and the benefits consistently outweigh the costs several times over.

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  • Published: Jan 19th, 2011
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New Funding For Post-2012 Carbon Credits

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Washington, DC Green investments in wind, waste management, lighting and transport projects across the developing world are set to benefit from new funding for carbon credits generated post-2012.

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Carbon trading cash cow

THE introduction of an emissions trading scheme would boost the Northern Rivers economy by at least $109 million, primarily through the agricultural, tourism and fishing industries, a group of Lismore scientists has said.

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Windmills Are A Great Way To Cheat Carbon Credits

Here’s one of the problems with carbon credits — It is very easy for developing countries to game the system. They can essentially say that they were planning to do something environmentally damaging, then switch to a ‘greener option’ and collect carbon credit income. Yet if the greener option was their original intent then the credits haven’t actually created any additional carbon savings.

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UNFCCC To Meet World’s Carbon Buyers And Sellers In China

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Beijing, Oct 26, 2009 (ABN Newswire) – Dr. Yvo de Boer, Executive Secretary of the UN agency in charge of the Kyoto Protocol, has just confirmed that a representative from their Accreditation and Project Assessment unit will be meeting with carbon buyers and sellers in China, in a last chance for the industry to meet before the Copenhagen climate negotiations determine a successor to the current treaty expiring in 2012. Ms. Maria Laura Vinuela will be joining them at the World Carbon Conference in Beijing together with China’s NDRC Energy Research Institute, the European Commission, and likely representatives from the Indian negotiating team and the World Bank. Ms. Vinuela will be meeting with CEOs and Managing Directors from across the worldwide carbon finance industry to gain feedback on the project registration process and provide updates on the latest developments in the current carbon trading framework.

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Global Carbon Trading Index, Funds Sink

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The ETF Innovators Global Carbon Trading Index tracks the performance of 20 companies (summarized in accompanying table) from a starting value of 21,687 on 1/19/09 which are involved in a variety of green business activities, including the following:

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SCC Raises $280 M to Fund Over 40 Carbon Offset Projects

Reuters today revealed through an undisclosed source that the British firm Sindicatum Carbon Capital (SCC) has been successful in raising $280 million to support carbon offset projects on a global scale. Dubai-based Istithmar contributed around 25% of the fund whereas most of the remaining came from US endowment funds and pension funds.

Carbon Offsets Projects Get Funds

SCC previously tried to raise around $300 million in the first quarter of 2008 but the efforts werent really successful due to a declining economy. The current deal, however, is a new sign of hope for the global carbon offsets market.

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