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TerraPass carbon calculator reveals indirect emissions from all-electric cars

TerraPass, a company that funds projects to reduce carbon emissions, unleashed an updated carbon-footprint calculator that includes all-electric vehicle data.

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Carbon footprint calculator for manufacturers launched

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A ‘carbon footprint calculator’ for manufacturers has been launched to help SMEs across the South East region take advantage of the benefits associated with carbon footprint reporting. Using the calculator, manufacturing companies can measure their carbon footprint and begin identifying ways to improve environmental performance going forward, says the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) South East.

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New Carbon Footprint Calculator Launched

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Newswise Dalhousie Universitys Eco-Efficiency Centre, located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, now offers a cost-free carbon footprint calculator for small- and medium-sized businesses in Canada. With support from Nova Scotia Environment, the Centres calculator is a user-friendly tool to help businesses estimate their environmental impacts through measuring emissions associated with a variety of operations, including energy use, electricity consumption, and freight.

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