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Borealis’ McPhee Creek Project


Afforestation – VER- Canada – $$

McPhee Creek - Borealis DSC00351The McPhee Project is an afforestation project located about 20 km northwest of the City of Prince George in Northern British Columbia. The project, developed by Borealis Offsets, involves a change of land use from agricultural and marginal, unused bare land (rough pasture) to a permanent, managed sub-boreal forest ecosystem.

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Carbon Market Data and ZE PowerGroup Inc. Sign Data Licensing Agreement

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Richmond, Canada, July 18, 2009 –(– Carbon Market Data, the global provider of emissions data, and ZE PowerGroup Inc., the developer of the award winning data management solution, ZEMA, announced today that they have entered into a data distribution agreement. This agreement means the energy industry will have access to Carbon Market Data’s key emissions information through the ZEMA Product Suite.

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Canada Day Celebrations – Borealis Offsets Plant Final Trees at McPhee Creek Afforestation Project

Borealis Offsets helped to officially mark Canada Day yesterday by planting the final trees at their afforestation project which is located 20 km northwest of Prince George in British Columbia. The project involved the planting of 120,000 tress of mixed native species planted over 75HA of marginal unused bare land, creating a managed sub-boreal forest ecosystem.

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Shoots sprout in Canada’s green sector

OTTAWA (Reuters) – Canada’s alternative energy sector is showing signs of a budding recovery, as companies resurrect financing deals and public offerings that withered with the recession, but that revival remains very fragile.

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BOMA Toronto CDM Program announces two new energy conservation programs for commercial properties in the ‘416’ area code

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Media Release
Two new programs to help reduce energy consumption for commercial building owners and tenants.

The BOMA Toronto CDM Program announces two new energy conservation programs for commercial properties in the ‘416’ area code.

(Toronto, June 10, 2009) The Building Owners and Managers Association of (BOMA) Toronto, on behalf of the Ontario Power Authority (OPA), manages and delivers an energy conservation incentive program for buildings (office, retail, industrial and hotels) – the BOMA Toronto Conservation Demand Management (CDM) Program. All buildings in the ‘416’ telephone exchange area, and over 25,000 square feet, are eligible to apply. The initial program had offered only retrofit incentives to building owners. It has now expanded to provide incentives for tenants and channel partners.

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Canada to Impose Carbon Cuts If Government Falls (Update1)

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Dec. 11 (Bloomberg) — Canadas opposition parties would implement tough carbon-dioxide emissions targets if they vote to topple Prime Minister Stephen Harpers minority Conservative government next year, the countrys Green Party leader said.

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New Swindon rail terminal to cut congestion and carbon emissions

A new rail terminal that will help to tackle local congestion and substantially reduce carbon dioxide emissions was opened by Transport Minister Andrew Adonis today.
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Carbon taxes and cap-and-trade not that different: report

Canadian politicians overstate the differences between carbon taxes and cap-and-trade programs as tools to reduce greenhouse gases, a new report suggests.
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When all’s said and done, the carbon tax is toast

The demise of St├ęphane Dion has killed any national attempt to tax carbon-producing products. Even if such a tax were offset by lower personal and corporate taxes, Canadians apparently won’t accept this way of tackling the challenge of greenhouse-gas emissions that warm the atmosphere.
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Alberta, Shell team up on carbon capture

The province has joined forces with energy giant Shell in exploring the possibility of storing carbon dioxide deep underground in Alberta’s unique sub-surface formations.

“Carbon sequestration is a globally recognized way to help with the carbon emissions,” advanced education and technology minister Doug Horner said of the technology also known as carbon capture.

A $20-million project – $6.6 million of which will be provided by the Alberta Energy Research Institute – is about to get underway near Shell Canada’s Scotford facility.

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Soils Have Limited Carbon Sequestration Capacity: North American, German Researchers

Two separate studies conducted by American, Canadian and German Researchers show that soils have a limited capacity when it comes to sequestering carbon. It has been known for quite some time that plants absorb CO2 from the surroundings as they grow and process that carbon into their tissues. Upon a plants death, the carbon gets amalgamated into the soil and remains stored there with soil particles.

Carbon Sequestration Soil Capacity

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Canada: PM Dubs Liberals Green Shift as Green Shaft Hurting Economy

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper denounced Liberal Partys Green Shift plan as a green shaft that will put brakes on the nations economic development because of the proposed carbon tax.

Canada Carbon Tax Green Shift

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