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Camco Sells 5.8m Tons of co2 from Nine Projects

The auction of carbon offsets organized by Camco International yesterday, turned out to be a huge success. 5.8 mn tons of offsets were auctioned to companies looking to meet their greenhouse gas reduction targets under EU’s regulations. According to Camco, the auction was over-subscribed 4 times and the offsets were valued at over 15 euros a ton.

Camco Sells 5.8m Tons of co2 from Nine Projects

The trade price of benchmark CERs was higher on the European Climate Exchange, but not all projects linked to the Camco auction were registered under a UN Kyoto Protocol scheme.

Camco is one of the leading providers of CERs to companies whose emissions have been capped under the EU ETS and to those in developed countries trying to stick to emission goals under the UN’s Kyoto Protocol.

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Camco Sells Over 150K Tonnes of CERs from China Coal Mine Project

Camco International closed a big, big carbon offsets deal on Tuesday, selling over 150,000 tonnes of UN-approved offsets that brought the company a profit of $2.6 million. The company refrained from mentioning the buyer of these Certified Emissions Reductions (CERs) but confirmed the transaction took place at an average price of $28.39 per tonne. Camco enjoyed a 3.3% increase in its share price after the news broke out.
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