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Borealis’ McPhee Creek Project


Afforestation – VER- Canada – $$

McPhee Creek - Borealis DSC00351The McPhee Project is an afforestation project located about 20 km northwest of the City of Prince George in Northern British Columbia. The project, developed by Borealis Offsets, involves a change of land use from agricultural and marginal, unused bare land (rough pasture) to a permanent, managed sub-boreal forest ecosystem.

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Liberal minister has no doubt carbon tax is what we need

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Re: Liberals deserve praise for action on climate change (Todd Whitcombe column, Jan. 12).
Dr. Whitcombe said he

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British Columbia: Advisory Group Suggests Raising Carbon Tax, Eco-labeling Houses

A cabinet advisory group in British Columbia has asked the government to think about raising the carbon tax after 2012 if needed to meet emissions reduction target. Amongst the 30 other suggestions by the Climate Action Team are a strict cap on industrial emissions and inclusion of GHG emissions in the tax.

The team also suggested labeling for houses and buildings to show how much energy efficient they are. Environment Minister Barry Penner said the government would seriously take into account all suggestions and would allow people to give their comments for 60 days.

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