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Press Release: Equinox Carbon Equities, Inc. Announces $3 Million Dollar Afforestation Project

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ZEPHYR COVE, Nev. – (Business Wire) The launch of a pioneering project for afforestation in several Western states was recently announced by Equinox Carbon Equities, Inc. ( in association with Carbon Credit, Inc. (

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Borealis’ McPhee Creek Project


Afforestation – VER- Canada – $$

McPhee Creek - Borealis DSC00351The McPhee Project is an afforestation project located about 20 km northwest of the City of Prince George in Northern British Columbia. The project, developed by Borealis Offsets, involves a change of land use from agricultural and marginal, unused bare land (rough pasture) to a permanent, managed sub-boreal forest ecosystem.

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Ontario Set to Test 3 Carbon Offsetting Projects with Farmers

While all the fuss about carbon tax continues in the Canadian media, we also now have Ontario testing some carbon-cutting pilot projects in the agricultural sector. Ontario signed the Western Climate Initiative not long ago, and the province will probably have a cap-and-trade system by 2012, as all members in the Initiative agree on that.

Ontario Carbon Offsetting Projects

Ontarios plan now is to initiate three pilot projects to offset emissions. The first one will have farmers utilize nitrogen fertilizers in a more eco-friendly way. The second project is about implementation of low-till and no-till practices in agriculture. It is expected that at least 50 farmers will collaborate with the government on these two projects. A third one coming later is about afforestation, which refers to planting of trees in deforested areas.

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