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  • Published: Aug 14th, 2009
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Rotor Elektrik Uretim Osmaniye Wind Farm (Zorlu)


Wind – Gold Standard – VER – Turkey – $$$

The Zorlu Osmaniye wind farm is made up of 54 General Electric 2.5xl (2.5MW) wind turbines (for a total of 135 MW), and is located on Gokcedag mountain between Bahce and Hasanbeyli towns in the Osmaniye Province, Turkey.

The wind farm is expected to become fully operational by the end of 2009, and will be Turkeys largest wind farm. Zorlu Enerji, the project developer, took the voluntary initiative to certify their contribution to the reduction of carbon emissions from the national grid of Turkey, under the stringent guidelines of the Gold Standard.

The project contributes to sustainable development through:

  • creating employment opportunities for the communities surrounding the Project location, both during construction and operation;
  • transferring knowledge to site employees who will be trained in the installation, operation, and maintenance of wind turbines;
  • contributing to local and regional economies, since the cables, transformers, construction equipment, and subcontractors are locally sourced; and
  • diversifying the sources of electricity generation, and supporting Turkey in meeting its growing energy demand.

The project was registered under the Gold Standard in May 2009, and will monitor its sustainability impact through noise levels, employment numbers and quality, socio economic improvements to the region and ensuring public access to the site. To expand on its Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, Zorlu Enerji subcontracted a firm to conduct a socio economic needs assessment and designed intervention projects to further develop the communities surrounding the project site.

Full information on the environmental and social impacts of the project.


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One Response to “Rotor Elektrik Uretim Osmaniye Wind Farm (Zorlu)”

  1. Don Pratt
    on Aug 21st, 2009
    @ 2:10 am

    Could Vestas learn from this project? A ‘No Local Jobs No Vestas turbines’ rule would be a start. Perhaps the UK goverment could learn from Turkey. These turbines are no doubt funded by aide given by the UK. I no longer buy Danish bacon or ham. Together with many others I no longer buy anything produced in France. They protect: I do my personal bit to protect UK producers. Buy British produced products.

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