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Borealis’ McPhee Creek Project


Afforestation – VER- Canada – $$

McPhee Creek - Borealis DSC00351The McPhee Project is an afforestation project located about 20 km northwest of the City of Prince George in Northern British Columbia. The project, developed by Borealis Offsets, involves a change of land use from agricultural and marginal, unused bare land (rough pasture) to a permanent, managed sub-boreal forest ecosystem.

120,000 trees of mixed, native species will be planted on 75HA, which will result in an increase in permanent carbon stocks of approximately 55,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent. The McPhee Creek project is a micro-project, absorbing and permanently storing less than 5000 tonnes CO2 annually.

McPhee Creek - Borealis DSC00356

  • Phase One of the project involved spring and summer planting in 2008 of approximately 56,000 hybrid spruce, interior lodgepole pine, and interior Douglas fir trees.
  • Phase Two of the project will be completed in June 2009, with the planting of approximately 64,000 trees of the same type.

Seedlings have been grown from seeds taken from local trees and have been selected based on their suitability for localized site ecology, elevation above sea level and latitude & longitude. The risk of natural disturbance, through insect, fire or disease, is minimized by the selection of a low-risk project area, planting mixed, native species and allowing the ingress of native deciduous trees.

  • Besides GHG removals, the project provides secondary social and environmental benefits and will:
  • Restore native bio-diversity, including the creation, maintenance and protection of wildlife habitat & fish bearing streams.
  • Create economic opportunity and diversification in northern communities outside traditional resource extraction industries.
  • Replace beetle destroyed forest on public land with new forests on private land that can support the return the sub-boreal forest to a carbon sink.
  • Respect, and protect where applicable, aboriginal cultural heritage.
  • Make forest stands available for ongoing, long term academic research on carbon sequestration.

Verification: The emissions reductions from Phase One of this project were validated and verified to the ISO14064-2 standard in December, 2008. Phase Two will be completed, validated and verified to ISO 14064-2 in the spring and summer of 2009

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