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Geothermal – VCS – VER – Guatemala – $$$

carbon offsets amatitlanThis geothermal power project, with an expected installed capacity of 25 MW is located in Guatemala.

The project will harness the power of heat stored beneath the earths surface to generate a clean, sustainable and reliable electricity source for the local communities. Increasing electricity capacity, specifically renewable energy, is an integral part of Guatemalas development strategy. This project will help to diversify the electricity portfolio of Guatemala and provide greater stability to consumers and the national economy, whilst meeting Guatemalas increasing electricity demands.

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Key social and environmental benefits:

  • The project will directly generate approximately 500 temporary jobs during the construction phase and 20 permanent operational jobs;
  • Geothermal-derived electricity is relatively free of seasonal or fuel-driven supply fluctuations, therefore the project increases stability of power supply to consumers and to the national economy;
  • The project includes a program to reduce flooding of the local area through the repair of road infrastructure and the reforestation of hillsides with over 5,000 trees

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