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Interview: Yobie Benjamin on is a start-up operating in stealth mode. We were fortunate to meet Yobie Benjamin, a Principal at, to get a sneak peak behind the curtain.

COD: Before we talk about it would be valuable to get a sense of your background. You were the founder of, a company that created e-commerce tools that enable socially responsible organizations to open online stores and generate income from merchandise sales. You’re a board member on a couple other social and environmental related organizations. What’s driving you?

Yobie: Trying to do good and making a lot of money at the same time drives me. It’s part of my personal mission. The genesis of my ideas came early in life seeing the capacity of people to express their kindness to others. It was magnified from watching Hurricane Katrina, which was, in so many ways, a bad storm and still has New Orleans in a bad situation. As I was watching the multi-level human horrors of Katrina on TV, I committed myself to counteracting the evil of that bad storm (and all manifestations of non-good) with an capitalist, active and activist point-of-view.

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