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Interview: Sustainable Travel International on the Voluntary Carbon Market

Carbon Offsets Daily: When do you think the domestic voluntary carbon market will become a
compliance market and how will that change affect the environment?

Sustainable Travel International: The question may be if instead of when, as I think the voluntary market will continue to flourish and evolve in various forms along with the compliance market, at least for a while. What well see is a convergence of standards and or more regulation on the voluntary side. However, we have enough leaders now who realize that policy, and therefore the compliance market, may not be able to move quickly enough to deal the scale of the issue at hand. In addition there will be plenty of entities that will fall outside the compliance market who will still participate (including individuals). One affect we may see, however, is how credits from projects
that meet overlapping standards
that move to the compliance market may increase price and decrease volume on the voluntary market. What will be interesting is the ability of both markets to react to these shifts, particularly as compliance comes into play most likely in the next U.S. administration.

Peter D. Krahenbuhl

Vice President, Co-founder

Sustainable Travel International

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