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Interview: on How to Choose a Carbon Offset Partner

Carbon Offsets Daily: How should a company choose a carbon offset partner? Companies should choose an offset partner that aligns with
their strategic goals.  Ive found that their goals are often twofold. The
first goal is credibility: companies want to address their responsibility for
climate change by offsetting their carbon footprint, not by tossing their money
away.  The second goal is to get the message out about their environmental
leadership, which helps them distinguish themselves from their competitors and
craft a compelling story about their business.

Carbonfund.orgs business programs focus on addressing those
needs. Theres no way to get credibility without supporting real projects that
are third-party verified to high-quality certification standardswhich all Carbonfund.orgs
projects are. We explain the sometimes confusing certification and
verification process so partners can judge for themselves. Sometimes partners
visit the projects with us to see the results of their donations firsthand, and
weve put footage from visits to a number of our projects up on our Youtube page. Our nonprofit status also boosts our credibility: were
mission-driven, which means were out to solve climate change, not profit from

We have several ways to help companies get the message out
about their environmental leadership. Our CarbonFree Partnerships Program
offers press releases and tips on speaking with the media, and our blog and
newsletter spread the word. Its in our best interest to help our partners get
their message out because that in turn spurs other companies to take action on
climate change. Its a beautiful cycle which we hope will ultimately result in
transformation of the entire economy toward a clean energy future.

William Bert
Communications Specialist

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