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Interview: AskPablo on the Soundness of Carbon Offsets to Combat Global Warming

Carbon Offsets Daily: Do you think companies should use carbon offsets to mitigate their global warming emissions?

AskPablo: I think that verified, high-quality carbon offset credits are an excellent market mechanism for achieving emissions reductions. Of course the use of offset credits should come after all feasible energy efficiency improvements are made and all renewable energy alternatives are explored. Even then the use of offset credits should continue to be only part of a company’s efforts to reduce their emissions. In order to create meaningful reductions in emissions a carbon credit needs to meet regulatory and financial additionality, be quantified using a rigorously validated, and ISO 14064-2 compliant, methodology that requires relevance, completeness, consistency, transparency, accuracy, and conservativeness, as well as being third-party verified to the ISO 14064-3 standard.

Pablo Päster

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