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Origin Energy to reduce CO2 output by 25%

| Sourced From Energy Business Review |

Origin Energy has announced plans to capture more than 25% of the CO2 output of the Lang Lang BassGas gas plant in Gippsland, Victoria for commercial reuse.

The company, on behalf of the joint venturers in the BassGas project, AWE and CalEnergy, has signed an agreement with Air Liquide to supply CO2 to a new recovery unit which will be constructed at the Lang Lang gas plant.

The CO2 recovered will be purified, liquefied and can then be re-used for various purposes including fire fighting, wine making, soft drink carbonation, food preservation and freezing. From 2010, the Air Liquide CO2 recovery unit will re-use CO2 reducing overall CO2 emissions from Lang Lang by 25%, claims the company.

Paul Zealand, executive general manager of upstream oil and gas at Origin Energy, said: “Working with Air Liquide and supplying CO2 to their CO2 recovery unit demonstrates our commitment to cleaner energy.

“Low emissions energy is a key part of Origin’s strategy for a sustainable future. The amount of CO2 that will be captured for re-use is equivalent to the annual greenhouse gas emissions of more than 21,000 cars or 4,900 Australian homes.”

Origin Energy is an integrated energy company in Australasia focused on gas and oil exploration and production, power generation and energy retailing.

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