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New Green Learning Design Reduces Corporate Carbon Footprint

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Staunton, Virginia

StreamingStrategies, a new corporate training company in Virginia,
announced today new course design technology that will reduce the carbon footprint of corporate clients. The new design technology is based on the principles CEO Michael Warren established in his featured topic on, “Principles of Green Learning For Corporate Training and Development”.

“The key to green learning,” Warren said, “is that sustainability, renewability, and the reduction of aggregate resource demand to lower the impact on the environment, can be effectively achieved without high technology. Basing courses on Authentic Learning concepts causes students to sustain knowledge longer; structuring program materials to create a blueprint for applying learning to similar problems makes knowledge renewable; and integrating meaningful team building activity with quality training both reinforces new knowledge and makes scheduling separate team building events unnecessary. This approach to training design, combined with low-tech delivery requirements, greatly reduces a company’s aggregate demand on resources for training and makes a significant contribution to shrinking its carbon footprint.”

Warren added, “Our green learning design technology allows us to create training that is flexible enough and portable enough to be included in the remote adventures some companies provide for team building. That means separate training events for employees involved in the adventure is not required. Large training vendors are touting e-learning to HR professionals as a way of going green but when you look at the resource demand of the technology required to create and deliver e-learning, including the manufacture of the computers, the development labs, and the communication networks, plus the fact that much of it lacks the sustainability of Authentic Learning-based courses, e-learning has a pretty big carbon footprint. Our new green learning design technology allows us to offer training with a reduced impact on the environment and an enhanced impact on performance.”

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