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Labour urges boldness on carbon reduction target

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Labour urges boldness on carbon pollution reduction target
It is better to be bold than to be timid when setting New Zealand’s 2020 carbon pollution reduction target, says Labour’s Climate Change Issues spokesperson Charles Chauvel.

Charles Chauvel was reacting to NZ Institute of Economic Research (NZIER) modeling commissioned by the Government that put a $3000 per household cost on a 40 per cent 2020 emissions reductions target.

“Any economist will tell you that it’s hard to predict what costs will be in 11 years time, so I take the Institute’s numbers with several grains of salt. What is certain is that, with our carbon pollution emissions rising rapidly, and with other countries committing to action, New Zealand can’t afford to look complacent by failing to set a serious reduction target.

“If we don’t progress our emissions trading legislation and get tough on carbon pollution in other ways, so as to allow the adoption of a bold target, there are real risks to us in our export and tourism markets. Labour doesn’t want to see adverse reactions to our goods on European supermarket shelves, or to our country as a destination,

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