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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The Carbon Advice Group launches the world’s first multi-level affiliate carbon offset network today at London-based Carbon Advice Group PLC has created a unique web-based service that enables individuals and businesses to take an active role in combating climate change. The site enables users to directly calculate their carbon footprint and immediately purchase offsets.

The Carbon Advice Group allows anyone to get involved and take an active role in the emerging green economy. The site also offers motivated social entrepreneurs a short process to set up their own micro-site to promote and sell carbon offsets as part of the Carbon Advice Group’s network.

“We want to motivate the average person in the street to get online, build their own site and get the message across to everyone they know,” says serial Social Entrepreneur and Carbon Advice Group founder Matthew Sullivan.

The Carbon Advice Group’s mission is to create a worldwide network of social entrepreneurs by giving them the necessary tools, understanding and motivation for them to bring carbon emission reduction and offsetting into the mainstream and make it a vital part of everyday life. Allowing individuals to promote, purchase or provide carbon offsets, the group offers a compelling answer to the “What can I do?” response to global climate change issues.

Carbon offsetting enables individuals and businesses to compensate for unavoidable emissions by purchasing equivalent greenhouse gas savings. With the Carbon Advice Group, these savings can come from wind power, biomass power, or a renewable energy charitable contribution.

Available carbon credits meet international standards and goals outlined in the Kyoto Agreement. Users who purchase carbon offsets will receive certificates and luggage tags to display in vehicles, businesses or on vacation.

“Everyday we see, hear and read about the catastrophic effects of global climate change. We all know we need to do something, and we need to do it now. We believe we have solved the “What’s in it for me” problem,” says Sullivan.

About Carbon Advice Group:
The Carbon Advice Group provides individuals, organizations and businesses a much-needed ability to accurately measure the size of their carbon footprint, deliver methods to reduce it as much as possible and then provide a simple, reliable, high quality mechanism to offset the carbon footprint that was left.

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Murray Newlands
Carbon Advice Group, CMO

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