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Brighter Planet, ignition Partner to Offset the CO2 Emissions for Traveling Events

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MIDDLEBURY, VT and ATLANTA, GA – Brighter Planet and ignition have teamed up to offset the carbon emissions of ignition’s client events, helping businesses build environmental practices into their national marketing campaigns. Through the partnership, ignition, a leading global experiential marketing firm, aims to reduce and offset the CO2 emissions from all of their mobile marketing tours by incorporating conservation practices and purchasing carbon offsets from Brighter Planet.

For example, this holiday season, ignition and Brighter Planet helped Coca-Cola’s Holiday Caravan spread cheer in 127 cities in the U.S. while minimizing the footprint left behind by the five Caravan vehicles. The tour minimized waste from hand-out items, instituted a recycling program, helped families put old toys to reuse (through its Marine Toys for Tots Foundation partnership), and offset 100 percent of the CO2 emissions from the traveling exhibits.

“Our partnership with ignition allows businesses to reduce the impact of their events on the environment,” said Patti Prairie, CEO of Brighter Planet. “By incorporating conservation and offsetting practices, we’re making environmental responsibility second nature for these events and helping build renewable energy projects that otherwise wouldn’t see the light of day.”

For each experiential marketing tour, ignition calculates the event’s carbon footprint by assessing the cumulative environmental impact of travel, energy-use and waste. A staggering two-thirds of a given marketing tour’s carbon footprint comes from travel and transportation. To address this impact, ignition has committed to phasing in biodiesel — a partially organic, less polluting alternative to oil-derived diesel fuel — throughout 2009 in all its vehicles. The company also operates more fuel-efficient engine technology by renting current-year vehicles in lieu of owning its fleet. The rest of an event’s carbon footprint can be reduced by using recyclable and environmentally friendly materials, and purchasing carbon offsets to compensate for the remaining emissions.

“Assessing, reducing, and where possible, offsetting our environmental footprint is core to ignition’s DNA,” said Mikey Hersom, president of ignition. “We’re increasingly working with clients who have displayed real commitments to environmental and social causes. By bringing this essential capability to our clients, we help connect their brands to stakeholders and consumers more meaningfully.”

About Brighter Planet

Brighter Planet ( helps people reduce and manage their carbon footprints. Its engaging web-based campaigns tap the power of social media to help consumers and businesses learn about emissions, conserve what they can, and offset the rest. Brighter Planet carbon offset products fund only the most reputable climate change projects, demonstrating direct community and social value while reducing the amount of greenhouse gasses being pumped into the atmosphere. To date, the company’s customers have offset over 74 million pounds of CO2.

About ignition

With more than 100 employees in seven offices worldwide, ignition ( is a leader in the experiential marketing industry. For more than 10 years, we have created powerful experiential marketing programs for clients all over the world. Our efforts help raise awareness for important causes and deliver messaging for many of the most well-known brands on the planet by combining creativity with strategic reality to deliver measurable results.

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