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  • Published: Jun 29th, 2010
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Total carbon awareness

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It seems like one of those government reports that was finished, then stuck in a drawer somewhere. Sure, its a critical part of the countys new climate-action plan. But since it was completed in June 2009, the public has mostly overlooked the 300-page Sacramento County Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory, which is chock-full of specific data on Sacramentos climate-change impact.

In all, Sacramento County residents, governments and businesses spew about 14 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, or MMTCO2e, into the air every year. By comparison, the base-line greenhouse-gas pollution level for the state of California is about 487 million metric tons. And yet local governments like Sacramento are now tasked with tracking and reducing their contribution to the global greenhouse problem.

It shouldnt surprise anyone that driving automobiles is the biggest source of greenhouse-gas pollution in the Sacramento area. About 6.7 million metric tons, or half of the CO2 pollution in the region, comes from on-road transportation, which includes our cars and light trucks. Its not just that we like to drive, its where we live that pushes the number up.

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