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  • Published: Jun 15th, 2010
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Partnership to turn industrial carbon emissions into biofuels

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A public-private partnership has been formed to pursue technologies using concentrated solar energy to turn waste carbon dioxide into biofuels.
The alliance includes Sandia National Laboratories, Renewable Energy Institute International, Pacific Renewable Fuels, Pratt Whitney Rocketdyne, Quanta Services, Desert Research Institute and Clean Energy Systems.

With funding from the National Energy Technology Laboratory, the project will seek to establish demonstration plants to showcase the use of industrial carbon dioxide emissions to produce biofuels.

The solar reforming technology would involve equipment being located next to existing industrial facililities that have carbon dioxide waste streams available.

This could include coal power stations, natural gas facilities, ethanol plants or cement factories.

Dr Dennis Schuetzle, president of non-profit corporation Renewable Energy Institute International, said last week:

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